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Welcome to Paramour
We have multiple Agencies threw Alberta and Saskatchewan.
We have been in business since 2008
We are woman owned and operated 
Each city has different rates and different bylaws

Rates and Fees
200 hh in or outcall Red Deer
Agency fee 50
Driver 0

200 hh out call Medicine Hat 
Agency fee 50
Driver 0

250 for 45 mins in or outcall
Agency fee 60 out & 70 in ( Red Deer
Driver 20 if applicable 

250 for 45 mins outcall Medicine Hat
Agency fee 60 

300 for hour in or outcall
Agency fee 75 out & 90 in (Red Deer
in or out 75 in other locations
Driver 25 if applicable

300 out call Medicine Hat
Agency fee 75

350 for a hour MSOG in or outcall
Agency fee 75 in & 90 out in (RD)
extra 10 if paid by etransfer
in or out 75 in other locations 
again extra 10 if paid by etransfer 
Driver 25 if applicable

After working with Paramour you will be given a raise
Rates will go up and fees

out of town calls n fees
Blackfalds - Penhold - RedCliff
375 hour 
Agency fee 90
Driver fee 45

Sylvan Lake - Innisfail 
375 hour
Agency fee 90
Driver 45

375 hour
Agency fee 90
Driver 45

Bowden - Eckville
400 hour
Agency fee 95
Driver 50

Olds - Ponoka
450 hour
Agency fee 105
Driver 60

Erskine - Leslieville
475 hour
Agency fee 110
Driver 65

Stettler - Rocky Mountain house - Brooks
575 hour 
Agency fee 135
Driver 85

Other cities 
Breakdown on fees 
and rate given each 25 over the 300
is 5 to agency - 5 to driver - 15 to lady

Multi hour calls and fees

2 hours 550 - Agency 130 Driver 50
3 hours 825 - Agency 205 Driver 60
4 hours 1100- Agency 270 Driver 80
5 hours 1200 - Agency 300 Driver 90
6 hours 1450 - Agency 360 Driver 100
7 hours 1700 - Agency 420 Driver 110
8 hours 2150 - Agency 530 Driver 120
9 hours 2350 - Agency 580 Driver 125
10 hours 2550 - Agency 630 Driver 130
12 hours 3000 - Agency 740 Driver 150
24 hours 4000 - Agency 1000 Driver 200
extra fees on incalls in red deer are only added onto the 45 and 1 hour booking

Booking Confirmations 
once you check in with a client the client has 5 mins to change appointment from 30 mins to a longer appointment if it is over the initial meet n greet an extension will be started over from scratch 
so example check in  for hh at 200 client decides within 5 he wants hour he can pay 100 to change
if client books hh at 200 then 15 mins or more later wants full hour its 200 over again not 100
and reverse
reverse if a client books for hour at 300 but is done in 10 mins there is no money given back because he is finished and wants to leave or have you leave
if client wants to extend into a multi hour call we will allow him a 15 minute grace instead of the 5 to book the multihour specials 

It is not fair for the driver to be waiting a long time for any pick up once a driver arrives at your home you have 10 mins to be in is car
for every 10 mins over the 10 min grace period it is 5
when you are time called you have 10 mins to finish things up and then have 5 mins to be in with the driver if you are not in the driver car within the 5 mins over full time he will charge you 5 for each 10 you are late if you  are more than 20 mins you late you will be treated as a extension  and pay 50 

yes when you are out on a call you will be entitled to have one stop during your outing for free it can be to grab supplies or for food only 
The stop does need to be between point A and point B
if it is not there may be an addional 5 -10 or 15 charge depending on how far out the way your request is
stops will only be allowed if the driver is not busy and free time to do so 
when stopping for food driver does not have to approve of stop if the line in drive threw is too long
tipping the driver makes a happy less grumpy driver 
so please consider you guys may drive  him bonkers 

If your are staying at our location in red deer 
Rents is charged daily up to 65
it is based depending on calls
7 am to 7 am daily
first call 30 
second call 20 
third call 15
zero rent if zero calls

 Condo Rules
While at the condo you are responsible to always have it neat and tidy and a full clean before leaving your booking including laundry and make sure there is a minimum 2 rolls of toilet paper left behind each lady is responsible for there own cleaning supplies after booking we can your stuff locked up for the future booking

If at condo while a call is going on you are to remain quiet and you are not allowed to have any unapproved guests 
answer to a male visitor is a strong NO

When traveling out of town you are required to provide for your own hotel
i will chip in up to 70 a day if you dont average a minimum 3 call a day flow

Licensing it varies per year
will give forms for city you wanr

If you are a local to red deer ladies do pay 50-75 a week once a week only if they have had a minimum of 3 appointments
0-2 calls 0 fee
3-9 50 fee
10 or more additional 25

Dress Code
Casual but Sexy
NO Hoodies or track suits or flip flops or sneakers , if you are wearing this i may terminate the appointment

1. Absolutely no exchanging any personal information such as numbers, facebook, tic tok, snap, insta or twitter 
aswell no seeing or dating clients out side of agency it will be a automatic termination or 500-5000 fine
2. Answer the phone while you are call please dont waste my time i dont work for free
fine for this will be 50-100 depending on the client and the habits you have with answering and the excuse if happens regularly like once a week fine will increase to 100 until u prove yourself reliable
3. Treat the business as you would your own i can terminate and anytime if there are to many complains  on being drunk, rushing, or upselling

Cancelling your booking or leaving early
15 a day if already posted 
30 a day for each day remaining on a booking max 100
30 a day for each date late max 100
and if you are local and have a schedule set and you disapear with no communication it will be 30 a day up to 14 days totalling 420 to return to work

Most appointments are cash as we push for cash 
cash calls are paid on spot 
if by chance client needs to pay by etransfer  u will be assigned a payday 7 days from the date received 
most ladies get paid early as payout goes in order of first come first paid
but you are guaranteed on the 7th day 

End of Employment
if you choose to leave the agency
by signing this contract you are agreeing if you choose to leave to venture new avenues or stay in the escorting occupation your are agreeing you are leaving behind your work name - and any photos bought for by the agency and you are not to work within the city for a  3 months in medicine hat and 6 months in red deer 

Paying into your taxes is a great thing but because you are a contract worker you are hiring me to provide advertising, reception and security  you are responsible to file your taxes and claim your amounts as you see fit or not. Totally your call i do not  do a submission to the CRA on your behalf 

If in agree  reply back to the email this was sent to you at and say you are agreeing to all terms and conditions

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