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if booking more than 12 hours in advance 

minimum 4 hour cancelation required if not $100 cancel fee may apply

if booking  few hour notice 

minimum 1 hour cancelation required if not $100 cancel

fee will apply

if booking for something 1 hour or less

only 10 mins to cancel

or $100 cancel fee will apply

April 6 , 2024

Medicine Hat

Katrina off

Rosalie on

Emersyn Selected Hours

Lexie On

Bella Off

Asia On

Alix Selected Hours

Red Deer

Katrina Off Available May 5 only

Samaira On Selected days

Ariel On select hours Daily

Ryan On select hours Daily

Rosalie April 26 - May 3

Tammy - Monday to Thursay

Foxy May 10-13

Mazie On select hoursDaily

Paige On Select hours Daily

Kita - Tuesdays to Saturdays

Alice On select hours Daily

Harmony Off May 25 th

Sarena On

Cherish Unavailable

Bella May 5-9

Paris Dates pending in May


Kita on Select hours Saturday - Monday

Katrina April 15-18

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