Main Hours are 12 pm til 5 am - Text or Call 
We are Technically open 24/7 
5 am til 12 pm if we don't answer your call 
this means no one is available 
as long as we have some ladies still available - Call ONLY
We do take pre - bookings for any time of  day!
Every day, we are being reminded of the changing landscape, as the world deals with the Coronavirus (COVID-19) Throughout this period, We at Paramour Entertainment will be taking extra precautions to protect our staff and clients .
As a precaution to help limit the spread of the virus 
We at Paramour want to insure every one is safe and has fun
Available today 
Hours Monday - Friday 10 am til 3 am
Saturday and Sunday 11 am til 4 am
Schedules can change
Please call 587-377-1898 when someone you are interested in seeing does not appear
on daily schedule 
Thanks Ashley!
Kita Hot New Pictures
updated September 24
Allison off
Kita on
Tristen off
Sky 6 pm til 2 am
Channing Fri & Sat 5 pm til close
Angelina on
Dahlia on
Olivia on
Nicolette off 
Keirsten off
Samantha Friday
Medicine Hat 
Tristen Sept 25 - Oct 2
Allison Oct 2-9
Angelina Oct 9-16
Kita Oct 16-23
Tristen Oct 23-30
Angelina Oct 30 - Nov 6
Nicolette Nov 6 - 13
Claire Nov 13-20
Tristen Nov 20 - 27
Kita Nov 27- Dec 4
Allison Dec 4 - 11
Tristen Dec 11-18
Angelina Dec 16-24 Noon
Dec 24 noon -26 Closed 
Dec 26  forward unsure 
Tristen Oct 2-5

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